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Aims & Objectives

Fundamental Objectives

  • To help pupils to adapt, grow develop their potential.
  • To provide individual counseling/guidance to pupils who are in need of assistance.
  • To adopt whole School Approach and involve every member of the staff in guidance and care.

School Objectives

  • To foster a caring and well ordered community environment conducive to character formation and academic development.
  • To initiate all member of the staff into the ANTHONIAN concept of education which obliges teachers to ‘touch the heart’ of their pupils.
  • To implement a code of conduct that conceives discipline as:
  • A personal value combined with self mastery.
  • A social value which encourages mutual respect and really permits participation.
  • An effective value in work which guarantees a good use of time.
  • To provide initial and front-line intervention in helping pupils cope with their problems.
  • To continue to offer varied extra-curricular activities programmes to pupils.
  • To establish a close rapport with parents through the various activities of the school and the Parent Teacher Association.

Pupils Objectives

  • To build pupils of sound character with personal integrity, respect for the dignity of others, compassion for all especially the less fortunate and self-discipline.
  • To promote pupils self-esteem and self awareness especially as regards personal interests, abilities and limitations.
  • To support academic progress through teaching proper time management and study skills.
  • To develop skills in decision making, education planning and vocational career options which will facilitate transition from school to the world of work.
  • To equip each pupil with practical life skills especially as regards relationship.
  • To encourage a healthy mental and physical lifestyle.
  • To enable pupils to live in and cope with a fast changing world and to view to future with optimism.
  • To promote greater social cultural, environmental and spiritual awareness.