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Tentative Annual Program

 Calendar for the year March 2019 – Feb 2020


Monday     4th                                         School reopens for the new academic session

Saturday    16th                                      Parent-Teacher Meeting 

Saturday      23rd                                    Pakistan Day


Monday      8th                                         English Spelling Competition 

Monday      15th                                        School Day Celebration

Thur-Mon     18th – 22nd                         Easter Holidays

Friday            26th                                    Completion of First Term Syllabus

Monday         29th                                    Urdu Spelling Competition


Wednesday    1st                                       Labour Day Holiday

Thursday         2nd                                    Labour Day Celebration

Mon-Fri            29 – 3rd May                    Revision

Mon-Tue         6th – 14th                           First Term Exams

Wed                 15th                                    Commencement of Second Term


Wednesday     12th                                   Result of First Term


Wednesday       19th                                 Schools Reopens for all after the Summer Break

Monday             26th                                 Urdu Speech Competition


Tue-Wed          10th – 11th                         9th – 10th Moharram

Saturday           14th                                   Parent – Teacher Meeting


Friday             4th                                        Celebration of Teacher Day

Friday             11th                                       Completion of Syllabus

Mon-Fir          14th-18th                             Oral/Practicals

Mon-Fri          21st – 1st Nov                       Second Term Exams


Monday          4th                                          Commencement of 3rd Term

Saturday        16th                                         Results of the Second Term Exams

Friday            22nd                                        Celebration of Children’s Day


Thur-Fri        5th – 6th                                    Christmas Program

Friday             20th                                          Christmas Party for Children

21st Dec 19 – 5th Jan 20                                 School Close for the Winter Break

January 19

Thursday  3rd                                                  School reopens after the winter break

Saturday    5th                                                 Staff meeting / workshop

Friday        25th                                                Completion of the Syllabus

Jan – February

Wed          29th- 4th                                         Oral/Practicals

Wed          5th                                                     Kashmir Day Holiday

Thur          6th- 18th                                         Final Term Exams

Tues           26th                                               Final Term Result


Monday      3rd                                                School Reopens for the new Academic Session