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Mission Statement

Our MissionĀ 

To give every student an equal opportunity for his wholesome growth with a quality and creative education, we commit ourselves to impart knowledge with values. Such a growth which is evidently physical will also be intellectual, spiritual, formative and instructive to make them more useful members of society with proper moral values, motivated to serve society and to help in the uplifting of the under privileged. To this we commit:

  • To produce patriotic, self-disciplined and committed citizens, free from prejudices and discrimination based on sex, religion, caste or status and characterized by respect for the dignity of each other.
  • To strive to help meet the demands of out National goals and aspirations through an academic curriculum balanced by co and extra curricular activities, geared towards the current needs of the nation and grow into selfless and responsive agents of change, when required, for the uplift of the quality of human life.
  • To promote leadership by encouraging students to see issues from a variety of viewpoints and to make mature choices based on justice and selflessness.
  • To assist with the building and enriching of a spirit of dedicated service among the staff members, students and parents.
  • To ensure that the staff exercise a unique role and have a special responsibility in the success of the school (of each student).
  • To regularly meet and dialogue with the parents, thus communicating our education programme to them and seek their active involvement.