Along with many other missionary schools, this school was also nationalized by the government in the late 1970’s. As a result of the hard struggle of decades by missionary leaders, the government of Pakistan ultimately denationalized the schools for which we cannot forget Late Archbishop Armando Trinidad, Fr. Yoursaf Mani and many others who struggled tirelessly to retrieve the missionary educational institutes. After reclaiming the schools in 2000, the catholic Board of Education took immediate steps to resume the school. This school was inaugurated by the Archbishop¬† Lawrence John Saldana in 2022 as the third brand of St. Anthony’s High School. Like always the management had to face great difficulties in the beginning with a few teachers, about a hundred plus students and a diapidated building. We salute the the pioneer principal Sr. Luke who faced all the hardships with patience to give this institute a big start. In 2004, Sr. Mary Nilanthi, the present principal took over the charge and brought the school to a point where it is rated among one of the fastest developinng schools of the city.

After completing 20 years, the school now has a teaching staff of 60 plus members, 800 students, and a general building with equipped computer and science lab. Our matriculation students maintain a record of bringing home hundred percent results in the Board Examination every year. In 2014, we achieved a landmark as one of our students got 1000 plus marks in the Board Exams but in 2018, 10 of our students scored 1000 plus marks breaking all the previous records. In 2021 one of our students scored 1098 marks being the highest achiever till date.

In 2009, we started our Cambridge Section and in 2018 one of our students from the third batch of O Levels, shone bright by scoring straight As with 7A* and 1 A. In 2010, another student followed the track and scored straight As with 7A* and 1A.

Our students take part in al the co curriculum activities, be it debate or speech competition, sports or hand writing competition , Spelling Bee competition or Hundred Box calculation competition.

We have two separate western band: one for the primary section and the other for the post primary section. For last many years our students and teachers are shining bright in the English Handwriting competition. All the leading schools of the city participate in this competition organized by Babar Ali Foundation.

Our students carry on projects and practical assignments throughout the year. In 2020, students were assigned different topics for each week and the whole school used to do activities on that particular topic.

In March 2020, we had to close the school as the whole world went under a strict lock down due to COVID-19. Responding immediately to the situation, we trained our teachers for the online classes and continued for about a a year with intervals. In 2022, we have planned to start and experiment with the smart classrooms. Initially we shall have one smart class room but gradually the number may increase.

On this 8th April our school is going to complete 20 years of its existence and we hope it flourishes and becomes a great institute in the coming years.